Organic Milk Next

I have spent a great deal of time lately reading about and understanding our food systems better. The systems we have in place currently are not going to be around forever. They simply can’t. Using GMO crops with built in pesticides only forces pests to evolve faster and that pesticide becomes obsolete, requiring that new, more powerful ones be used on farm lands. This is happening with RoundUp Ready crops and a chemical similar to agent orange was approved by the USDA. These things are not picked up readily in the media, and corporations have a lot of reason to keep them quiet. In Oregon and Colorado there are ballot initiatives to have GMO crops labeled. Monsanto just spent 4.7 million dollars to help defeat the initiative. Why do they not want us to know what’s in our food? It seems like such a simple right.

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Organic foods do not have genetically engineered plants in them. So eating organic is not just a health trend but instead a way to vote with your dollar to increase sustainable farming practices. Of course organic foods are not perfect, and they are not the complete solution. But they do have a lot of potential to make changes in this world. Instead of humans “Playing God in the Garden” as Michael Pollen says, we can allow the natural systems of permaculture, and organic farming to feed us and create a more sustainable world.

How can we do this? 
We need to stop only advocating change through policy. Maybe it’s my generation, but the gridlock on capitol hill has me a little lost in my faith of government. It seems that in our country, corporations are the ones holding the bulk of the power. We can gripe about this, or we can treat these corporations as what they really are – governing bodies – and advocate to them. This is taking it one step further from voting with your dollar. But it requires us to be activists.

The organization – GMOInside has started a campaign with the hashtag #organicmilknext. The point is to advocate to Starbucks – the worlds largest milk supplier – to use organic milk in their coffees. The website lays out four things people can do to become involved in the campaign. Let’s keep up the momentum and really try to make change happen for the world.


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