Laundry Detergent

Laundry detergent is easily overlooked in our every day lives. It is, however, something we should stop and think about for a minute. An easy switch to make it trade your Tide detergent for one with fewer chemicals. This is better for your health and better for the environment, because again all the chemicals in the detergent will end up in our waterways. There are plenty of synthetic fragrances that are unnecessary and classified as irritants in Tide (including Tide Free) and other name brands such as Gentle. Along with these chemicals, there is one in particular that acts as a stabilizer in some detergents that we should really be looking out for. It helps to hold the detergent together and it’s called 1,4 dioxane. It is rare in nature but common in some household products. We want to be avoiding it because it is a carcinogen, irritant, and has contaminated some of our waterways and some groundwater.



I specifically recommend you do not use Mrs. Meyers and Green Works brands.  There are many environmental concerns with these detergents even though they are both marketed as environmentally friendly. Environmental Working Group gives both Mrs. Meyers and Green Works an F in terms of health/safety. This is the same rating as Tide.



What products are recommended instead? 

1. Seventh Generation – Natural Powder Detergent: I suggest the powder version because even though there is very little or no 1,4 dioxane in most of the natural products, using powder eliminates the risk because you only need the stabilizer in liquids.

2. Planet: Very natural – it will make you feel good when you use it, and it’s not too expensive.

3. Method: Method isn’t your best option as there is still some environmental concern with their fragrances. It still is much, much better than most detergents.

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